Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review and comparison: Benefits Hoola Bronzer vs. NYC sunny bronzer

Summer is here, and everyone is pulling out their favorite bronzers to get than bronzey tan look.Two of the most popular bronzers out there are the Hoola bronzer and the NYC bronzer in sunny.
The most obvious difference between them is the price, as Hoola bronzer runs for about $30 while NYC sunny is about $4 in the drugstore.
NYC bronzer (left) , Hoola (right)
Hoola (left), NYC sunny (right)
The colors are different as well. As you can see in the pan, NYC sunny is a tad bit more orange than Benefits hoola bronzer, which is a little bit more olive toned. I find that Hoola suits my skin tone better, as I have yellow undertones, and yellow and olive go hand in hand together.
NYC sunny is also a really sheer bronzer, while Hoola is a bit more pigmented. You can also see the quality of the Hoola bronzer as the powder is very fine and creamy in a way. The Sunny bronzer is a bit harder to pick up in the pan, and it took me about 3 swatches to get a good color payoff in my swatch above.
They are both great bronzers if you like the natural look.

However, If I had to choose one bronzer to buy, I think it would be NYC Sunny. I personally think that Hoola bronzer was a waste of money, and it barely even shows up on my skin (since I have pretty tan skin already). And if I wanted a matte bronzer, why should I pay $30 when I can buy a darker powder from the drugstore for cheap? NYC bronzer is a great bronzer for beginners. Its inexpensive, it looks natural, and the packaging is much more compact than Hoola Bronzer.
However, if you have fair skin, are a fan of high end products and you want a bronzer that is smooth to apply and not an orangey tone, Hoola bronzer would be the a great choice for you.

- Momo


  1. i've been looking for a really good bronzer, this review was helpful, thanks!

  2. Awesome! I was looking for a good comparison of these two, I don't have Hoola and as wondering if I should splurge or not. Thanks!

  3. in the picture the first swatch on your fingers u said nyc (left) is that right or was it a mistake ?

  4. Appreciated this post very much.

  5. Own both, and I have pretty fair skin, but they both look beautiful!